Turistic license application for 49€

Save money and time with burocracy. Key holding Marbella applies for the license for only 49€.

According to the Tourist Movement on Borders agency, Frontur, Spain received 13.7 million international visitors during the first quarter of 2018, a 6% increase on 2017 figures. With 1.4 million visitors choosing to stay in holiday rental accommodation, a healthy increase of 7% year-on-year, and that’s just the official figures. Taking into account that many short stay homes remain unregistered in Spain, we expect the actual figure to be much higher.

It’s been five years since the Spanish government excluded holiday rentals from the LAU (Ley Arrendamientos Urbano) and delegated the task of regulating the industry to its 17 regional governments. There are only a couple of the 17 autonomous communities that as yet haven’t regulated holiday rental accommodation. Find out the latest status in your region.


Is it regulated? Yes under the Decreto 28/2016

Since: May 2016

Essentials: Free Wifi, Cooling and Heating System, can offer single room occupancy, will need First Occupation Licence or similar (Cédula de Antiguedad / Habilitibiliad)

Points to watch out for:

From July 1st 2018 most of the booking sites will no longer allow unregistered properties to apply.

If you have registered without a First Occupation Licence and not applied for one, you could be fined up to 2,000 €.

Properties in a rural location (village with less than 20,000 inhabitants) who previously fell outside of the regulation for rural properties can now register as a VFT (Vivienda con Fines Turísticas)

Owners and agents with three plus properties must register as ‘Apartamento Turístico’. Stricter regulations are applied.

Meanwhile, Granada is seeking to introduce a limit on the number of holiday rentals in the city centre. And Seville is planning to introduce tourist zones, which will again reduce the number of holiday rentals in the city centre. Both of these are under discussion, no dates are given for the introduction.

To register your property: Complete a declaración responsable (application form) and submit to your local town hall or nearest tourism department. You can submit online if you have an electronic signature.

Documents required: ID document, and First Occupation Licence